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Rental Car Guide

Please be aware of the traffic rules and use it for safe driving.

  • Please be sure to always fasten your seatbelts wether on the passenger seat or the back seats.
  • Please be careful of car theft.
  • Please turn on your headlights during bad weathers.
  • Please do not use your mobile phones while driving.
  • Please keep enough distance from the car in front of you, and follow the legal speed limit when driving.
  • Please do not park illegally.

Insurance / Compensation System

Our company’s vehicles are all covered by insurance and other systems with the following amounts as limits. However, if you exceed the limit of the compensation system, and get into an accident that corresponds to the disclaimer matter of the insurance policy and violates the agreement, then all amounts of payments must be made by the customer.

Coverage Amount of compensation Deductible amount
Bodily injury 1 person Unlimited
(Including automobile damages)
Property damage 1 accident Unlimited 100,000yen
Vehicle compensation 1 accident Limited 100,000yen
Personal injury 1 person Death / Permanent
Disability / 30 million yen

Example of cases that don’t apply for vehicle compensation
Damage to glass only, flat or bursting of tires, collision with animals, vehicle theft, loss or damage of the wheel cap, damage to car interior, loss of car key, tire repair kits and any damage to the customer’s own personal belongings are not applicable for vehicle compensation. Also, please keep in mind that in the event of an accident, the customer will also have to pay for wrecker fees.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

This is a system where the customer is exempted from paying any deductibles regarding any property and or vehicle damage in the event of an accident.

CDW fee 1,100yen / 24 hours.

Non Operation Charge ( NOC )

If a vehicle requires any repair or cleaning due to an accident, theft, break down, property damage, or other causes not attributable to the company, the customer may be charged for compensation.

  • If the rented car is returned as originally planned   20,000yen
  • If not 50,000 yen

If you are subject to illegal parking or neglected vehicle

You can be accused of illegal parking even just for a short time. According to the terms of the rental car agreement, in the event when the driver receives this judgement, please pay the penalty fine by the time of returning the rented car. If a traffic ticket or a receipt is not presented, you will be required to pay a parking violation penalty of 25,000 yen. If payment completion is confirmed, we will give you a refund.

  • Please present to the police station and complete the required procedure.
  • Please return after completing the payment of fines.
  • We will confirm the dates on the traffic tickets and receipts.

Returning the rented car

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